Mustang Scholars Foundation Hosts “Man of the Year” Preview Party

Guests gathered at the home of Main Line developer Tom Bentley on Thursday, June 25, to meet the people behind the Mustang Scholars Foundation and greet some of the promising cadets that have been helped by the program.  FOX’s Kerri-Lee Halkett hosted the enchanting event.

The Mustang Scholars Foundation supports young men and women of character, intellect, promise and dedication. Their mission is to provide financial support to students who have risen above their economically and/or socially disadvantaged childhood and are interested in attending The Valley Forge Military Academy & College. The theme of this foundation is the recurring gift of charity – everyone who is handed a gift signs a contract agreeing to help others. This year’s Man of the Year, Tony McIntyre, President of The McIntyre Group, one of the country’s top insurance broker and consulting companies, will be honored at a dinner on Saturday, October 17. Tony embodies the characteristics of a Mustang Scholar. A scholarship student himself, the financial support he received enabled him to attend the Marine Miitary Academy. Tony prides himself on his pay it forward attitude. He continuously helps other up and coming young men and women of promise. He has raised and/or pledged over $1 to the Marine Military Academy to date. Mustang Scholars Foundation is only six-years-old but it has already helped 28 young people, and raised over $500,000.

The Man of the Year dinner will take place on Saturday, October 17, 2009. Questions? Tel: 610-657-5132 E-Mail:





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