Foster Families Needed…

bunnybunz%20hi%20rsHeavenSent Bulldog Rescue (“HeavenSent”) is a N.J. non-profit corporation, dedicated to the rescue and placement for adoption of the Bulldog breed.  We need your help.

The Foster Family’s Responsibilities.

Your assessment of this dog is the most critical responsibility. You will be expected to carefully introduce him to normal daily life experiences  ( i.e. leash walking , playing with toys, interacting with new people, manners, housebreaking habits, fears, aggression, food issues, reactions to unexpected noises and new things). You will not be responsible for housebreaking or training, but anything you can do to help will be appreciated. If the dog is on a normal dog food diet, you will be asked to provide that if we don’t have abundance. If the dog needs a vet visit (to OUR vet) you may be asked to go for that appointment if it is possible. Vet appointments, medication, and special foods are paid for by Heavensent Rescue. They are NOT your financial responsibility. If you chose to lavish your foster with new toys or beds or treats, that is your choice.

HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue does not find dogs for people – our mission is to find good people for wonderful dogs. Kara Gordon: 215.514.9818. Call or log on today.


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