Chef Peter Woolsey’s Cassoulet Is Cooking

At Bistrot La Minette

In the south-west of France, many towns have their own version of cassoulet. Most are based on a stew of white beans and various forms of pork. Emeril Lougasse makes one with duck confit and andouille sausage. Paula Wolfert simmers boneless pork shoulder and cannelini beans to create a rich, hearty winter casserole. Cassoulet is a typical winter dish made of dried beans and preserved meat from the fall harvest.

Peter Woolsey, chef/owner of Queen Village’s charming Bistrot La Minette has created his own version. Inspired by a recent trip to Toulouse and Carcassone, France, Peter’s cassoulet will appear on the restaurant’s menu for a limited time this winter. His version is made of a lamb stew base with duck confit, white navy beans and home-made Talouse sausage. It’s lovingly slow-simmered for hours with aromatic vegetables and a little smoked pork belly for flavor. Can you think of anything more satisfying on a cold winter night? Try Bistrot La’s Minette’s cassoulet with a hunk of the chef’s hand crafted rustic French baguette and a glass of Cahors and your meal will be complete. Bon Appetite!

Bistrot La Minette
623 S. 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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