Boutique frozen yogurt craze snowballs into S.J.

By KIM MULFORD • Courier-Post Staff • November 17, 2010

When Jill Schafer hunted for frozen yogurt in New York and Philadelphia, she wanted the rich flavor of milk and cream on her tongue.

Of course, it had to be healthy, too, and free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. So when the 27-year-old interior designer found just the right one — a yogurt so decadent, so pleasantly tangy it curls the toes — she knew it would fit in well at her new gift and treat boutique.

“Every single day, people say, “This is the best tart yogurt I’ve ever had,’ ” said Schafer, owner of Jilly B’s, a sweet spot tucked in the Holly Ravine shopping center at the corner of Springdale and Evesham roads in Cherry Hill.

At least, that’s what tart yogurt fans say. For those who eschew the zip of real Greek yogurt for the sweet variety, Jilly B’s also offers coffee, chocolate, strawberry, mango, peanut butter and on and on.

Oh, it’s good! But don’t miss that “original” tart yogurt. Hit it with melba sauce, a puree of raspberries and blackberries, or maybe a drizzle of honey and granola. Then tell yourself all about the probiotics and low-calorie goodness getting into your system.

Like the cupcake craze sweeping through the area, specialty frozen yogurt is squeezing into the South Jersey market. Click here to see the rest of the article.

Jilly B’s is located at 100 Springdale Road, Holly Ravine Shopping Center or call 856.795.2337.

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