The Nosh Guy Admires Nectar

Barry Eichner, aka …the “nosh guy”, did a review on Patrick Fury’s Nectar Restaurant on Foodrulez. He wrote:

Nectar rocked my world

Dear Foodiez,

I had my proverbial “city food snob” ass handed to me my Chef Patrick at Nectar in Berwyn!

See, I’ve been under the misguided idea that stellar food can only be found in hot, hip, urban hubs.


I’ve seen the light.Nectar is on Route 30 in Berwyn, PA.  If you’re in the city, it’s over the river and through the woods… or 76 west to 476 south, to 30 west.

You may think that a restaurant on the Main Line would be stodgy and stuffy.  Nah, not Nectar.  Looks like it belongs in Paris or New York City.  It’s hip, sophisticated and very sexy.

(Check out the full article at


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