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Suburban Eats

Where to nosh outside the city limits. By Barry Eichner

Often times I take a very Homeric approach to life. It’s safer to deal with single truths rather than deal with all of life’s grey areas, right? Homer said, “I like my beer cold, TV loud and my homosexuals flaming.” Homer Simpson, that is. Similarly, I’ve always thought cities are filled with good restaurants and lots of gays – while the burbs are filled with straight people who take their kids to Applebee’s – not that there’s anything wrong with straight people or Applebee’s.

But guess what? The times, they are a-changing. While life is far from perfect, gays can get married and raise their adopted Vietnamese babies in the suburbs. And we can all enjoy amaze-balls suburban culinary options with my two daddies.

One of my favorite joints outside the city limits is Nectar, an Asian fusion restaurant in sleepy Berwyn. Nectar tops my list because it’s straight-up stupid good. This chic eatery looks like it crawled out of Tribeca and not the sometimes sedate Main Line. And as long as I can feel like I’m in a city, I don’t really care where I’m eating. I highly recommend the King Kong Roll – filet and lobster tail in a sushi roll. Yeah, I know, that’s no Applebee’s “two for $20″ appetizer, but we’re not in Applebee’s anymore, Dorothy. Read more here.


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