See What City Paper’s Meal Ticket Has to Say About Linvilla

Posted on Thu, Mar. 17, 2011

Open Season

Meal Ticket’s roundup of spring day-trip destinations near and far.

By Adam Erace

From freshwater fishing to Japanese tea ceremonies, getting off the grid (literally and figuratively) connects our urban selves to uncommon flora, fauna and food, as well as the places they come from. From well-traveled to truly out of the way, here’s one of the seven spots for a more delicious spring.

Linvilla Orchards, Media

Distance from Center City: 29 miles

When you were young, you went for the giant slide. Now go for the apple, peach, pear, plum, apricot and nectarine trees spread across 300 acres of Media. (They grow 45 varieties of peaches alone.) Visit early or late to avoid school trips, though at this point in the season, backyard green thumbs and savvy suburban hostesses are more likely to overrun Linvilla than hay-riding tykes. The orchards supply the low-slung farm market with fruit for more than 40 types of pie; served warm, the strawberry rhubarb is a personal favorite, though you may have to wait until late spring, when Linvilla is the place for independent berry-picking. Visit at the end of this month for the annual fishing derby, in April for the flower festival and in May for an antique car show. 137 W. Knowlton Road, Media, 610-876-7116,

(See the full story at the City Paper‘s website.)


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