It’s Not Easy Being Green

But being green is all Chef Patrick Feury knows. Feury’s restaurant, Nectar, adopts a holistic approach to everything from the ground up. Or maybe it should be from the sun down.

Feury and his partner, Henry Chu are in the process of installing a solar panel system at the restaurant. It will be up and running this summer and it is said to be the largest in the county. The system will generate enough power to fully run the eatery, and maybe even a little more for the community.  According to Feury, “The project will have paid for itself in about four years.”

And solar energy isn’t the only thing the two are doing to save the earth. They are careful about where they source their food, supporting local growers, and reducing their carbon footprint. “This isn’t anything new. Sustainability is in the heart of any chef that appreciates preserving the land and sea,” Feury said. “It’s about being cognizant of your locality and doing right by your community and the growers that supply you.” In addition to solar energy, the partners are also in the process of building a patio garden that features vegetables and herbs that will appear on Feury’s menu. In order to nurture the earth Feury will begin composting, using food waste from the restaurant.

While it may not really be easy to be green, taking small steps now will help protect the Earth and save us all from feeling the blues.

Nectar is located at 1091 Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, PA 19132. To learn more about Nectar, visit their website, or call 610.725.9000 to make a reservation.


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