A Parisian wandering in Philly: Chapter One

Meet Jeremie, our French intern. He is here for the summer…

Here I am, a born and bread Parisian, just got into Philadelphia last week with one unique goal: to discover the delicious things the City of Brotherly Love has to offer! Sunglasses on, two huge duffle bags filled with clothes, books, a notebook, and one or two French cheeses (I just can’t help it): I am ready to discover Philly’s delicacies. From Philadelphia International Airport to my new headquarters right next to the UPenn campus, I’ve been planning out this visit for months! All the cafes, restaurants and bars I HAVE to see, there are just so many!

 City Tap House (3925 Walnut Street Walnut Street)

Last Friday, one of my roommates took me to Tap House and said,

“Trust me, you’ll love this.”  Well… I have to admit she was right.  I had the Tap House burger with sweet potato fries! (After all, I am in America.) It was the first time I’ve had sweet potato fries. They were absolutely delicious and I am definitely going to try to make them when I go back to Paris. The other great thing about Tap House is their huge variety of beers.  No kidding, their draft beer list is probably as long as the Mississippi river.

Capogiro (many locations throughout the city)

After a great meal, I went to Capogiro for a honey cumin gelato. It was  the strangest and most interesting gelato ever. I like unusual flavors and this gelato really caught my eye. Devoted to using local and seasonal ingredients, Capogiro is definitely THE go-to for good gelatos.

TIME, a restaurant and whiskey bar (1315 Sansom Street)

On a Friday night, around 11:30 p.m., I went to Time. For a $5 entry fee I had the opportunity to enjoy great music on the first floor. The Sermon was playing and I loved the mix of harmonium, electric guitar, bass and drums. It was really nice listening to such a professional ensemble. On the second floor, people were drinking and dancing, but I definitely preferred the action downstairs.

Rx Restaurant (4443 Spruce Street)

The next morning, I woke up around 11 a.m., had a craving for a nice brunch, wandered around, and then stumbled upon RX, a cozy restaurant  decorated with old vending machines and scales. I absolutely loved it! The service was really great. And don’t even get me started on the food! They serve this amazing homemade granola with local honey, whole milk yogurt with strawberries. I’ve never had anything so good! Their old-fashioned chocolate chip pancakes were also a blast. Between the ambiance and the food, Rx definitely has my special seal of approval!

Pure Fare (119 South 21st Street)

If you are looking for a meal that is delicious, fresh and healthy, Pure Fare is definitely a place to check out for breakfast, lunch, or even just a snack. Recently opened near Rittenhouse Square, the owners try to source the finest organic ingredients. I’ve had their quinoa salad several times and trust me, it’s addicting. What’s in it? Well I did some research and here are all the magic ingredients: fresh spinach, quinoa, sea salt, dried apricots, lemons, avocados, scallions, toasted almonds, orange bell peppers, olive oil, coriander, paprika, cumin, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. With all of those flavors it’s no wonder it was so delicious. And it only costs: $5. Yep, yep, only $5! In addition, I highly recommend the spinach coconut smoothie: It’s unreal, and a very refreshing summertime drink.

Drinker’s Pub (39th and Chestnut Street)

Last night, one of my friends took me to Drinker’s Pub. Boy, this place is cheap! I had a few beers there for only  $1 a can. I figured this pub must be a real haven for college students (over 21 biensur!). The food is economical too. Drinker’s pub serves homemade tacos for $2.50 and chili cheese dogs for $2.75. I can’t wait to see what is going on Thursdays when they host a special Happy Hour between 7 to 9 p.m.!


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