A Parisian Wandering in Philly: Chapter Two

Continue this journey with Jeremie, our French intern who is with us through the summer…

When Jeremie met a Cheesesteak: Shank’s original Pier 40 (901 S. Columbus Blvd)

Last Monday during lunch some people from my office decided to go to Shank’s Original Pier 40. The sun was out and the four of us got into the car. Manu Dibango, the Cameroonian saxophonist, was playing on the radio in the SUV while we were driving to South Philly.

I knew exactly what I was going to get. A cheesesteak! I heard about them. I read about them. And I even dreamed about them.

This was the reason why, as part of my initiation, I had to try this Philadelphia specialty. The combination of a fresh artisan baked Italian roll filled with grade A Angus chopped beef, cheese whiz and sautéed onions was just amazing! Boy, what a treat!

It was fun eating while standing on the pier overlooking the Delaware River . It was simply unforgettable. At the peak of my dining experience, the owner of Shank’s Original Pier 40 came over to greet us. He even sat with us for a little chitchat. Everything just felt right. I know one thing for sure, I HAVE to go back for another cheesesteak very soon!

John’s Water Ice (701 Christian Street)

While we were in South Philly, we decided to make a quick stop to a traditional water ice stand in Philadelphia. John’s Water Ice serves this sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit. It’s similar to sorbet.

I never had water ice in my life and I have to admit it was both refreshing and tasty.

The two young ladies serving us behind the counter were real experts. Their hands scooped and dipped in a ballet of motion. Both ladies, coordinated their moves as precise as dancers. Back in the car, enjoying my pineapple water ice, I felt that this day could not have been any better!


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