Turn Your Sunday Into A Funday With City Food Tours

Sundays have a bad reputation. It’s the end of the weekend and the dreaded Monday is tomorrow. Instead of spending the day moping, grab a friend and head over to South Philly for a truly unique lunch experience!

For $44 a person and a sense of adventure, you’ll be able to experience the authentic tastes and cultures of Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Mexico on the Ethnic Eats food tour. Led by City Food Tours who has a passion for international food, you’ll be taken to a Vietnamese specialty shop where you will be served roasted pork Banh Mi, a Buddhist Temple to gaze at the fantastic gates, statues and famous mural, an Asian market to taste savory Japanese sembe crackers or sweet mochi, and lastly, the area’s best taquerias for authentic Mexican tacos, delicious homemade chips and two tasty salsas, and a Tres Leches, the traditional Mexican dessert.

Treat your taste buds to an ethnic adventure, and open your eyes to the vibrant cultures that are growing in South Philly! The Ethnic Eats tour is offered every Sunday from 1:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m. and is designed for ages 14 and older.

Click here to purchase tickets and here for more information on the Ethnic Eats tour. You can also check out the City Food Tours website for more information on upcoming food tours.


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