High Fructose Corn Syrup And High Hopes!

On a fateful day in the sweltering summer, three interns and one VP decided to do something that only the inebriated would attempt. The event? A full-blown soda tasting competition, complete with contestant scorecards, blindfolds and fluke soda flavors. This showdown was not one to be missed.

The idea stemmed from a bet between our French intern, Jeremie Bohbot, and one of our bosses, Jen Mansfield. The deal was that if one of them could identify any flavor without looking, they would win respect, bragging rights and the title of Office Champion of all things carbonated and sugary.

Soon, the concept snowballed and the whole office was in on the battle until we reached the conclusion of 4 competitors, 8 flavors, 1 trick flavor, and an endless amount of photos. The four of us all considered ourselves contenders in this epic brawl of the beverages; things were getting fiery, and it wasn’t just from the heat wave outside. And the games began. Blinded and flailing, at the mercy of our taste buds, we gulped and ruminated and sniffed and second guessed ourselves… It dawned on us that our mission was harder than we could have ever fathomed. With our stomachs aching from the high fructose corn syrup and our hopes high, we viewed the results.

Jeremie: 2/9
Jen: 3/9
Jacob: 5/9
Madi: 5/9

With my refined taste buds, I was the obvious victor, but unfortunately I have to live with sharing the glory with my co-worker, Jacob.

Madi Mornhinweg, summer 2011 intern at Breslow Partners


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