Celebrate the Season with a Hayride to the Witches House at Linvilla Orchards!

Get the children together, and tell them to hop on board to see the witch on the famous Hayride to the Witches House. But tell them not to worry; she is the friendliest witch in town, telling stories and jokes and even giving a treat to all those who visit. Starting September 30th at 5:30 p.m., the hayride will be open every weekend until October 14th, then it will run everyday until October 30th at Linvilla Orchards.

The hayride ends at a crackling campfire to keep you warm as you indulge in sweet apple cider and gooey roasted marshmallows. This is a great late night adventure for children up to 10 or 11 years old, but don’t let that discourage you if you’re older. Parents are encouraged to join in on the fun! The hayride is $8.00 a person, but that smile on your child’s face is priceless.

Linvilla Orchards is a 300-acre family farm dedicated to agriculture, education and entertainment. To learn more, visit www.linvilla.com or call 610-876-7116.


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