Joe Sixpack Shows Off His New Book and Brew Brilliance.

What The Hell Am I Drinking?“What’s on draft?” is one of our favorite questions to ask bartenders when trying out a new bar. But when he or she asks back questions like do you want an IPA or a porter, there’s always a moment of hesitation. What’s a porter again?

Local beer guru, Joe Sixpack, aka Don Russel, who writes a weekly beer column in the Daily News, is clearing it all up for us. In his new book “What the Hell Am I Drinking?”  Mr. Sixpack will go through all of the varieties of beer, and will describe the flavor profiles for each one,  so we can knowledgeably pick our next new beer.

Joe Sixpack will be at Parkway Central Library, located at 1901 Vine St, for a book reading on Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 7:30 to 9 p.m (sponsored by the Free Library of Philadelphia). You can also join Joe for an after-party, I mean post-event tasting at the Kite & Key (1836 Callowhill St.) where you can taste some of the beer styles featured in Joe’s book and show off your new-found brewski brilliance.

To keep up on Joe Sixpack’s beer-ventures, follow him on Twitter at @beer_radar.


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