Easy and Economical Edible Holiday Decor

Edible Holiday Decorations- The Berry TreeWe love getting crafty over at Breslow Partners, but don’t always want to break the bank. The holidays are a time when we can combine our love of food and crafts, and do it inexpensively. Here we complied a list of some easy, economical, and most importantly, edible holiday decorations. Yum!

The Very Berry Holiday Tree


1 green Styrofoam cone,measuring 4-5 inches in diameter at the base and 12 inches high
1 box of toothpicks
4 one-pound containers of fresh strawberries
1 bunch fresh mint
1 slice from a star fruit

Read Natural Home and Garden’s article for assembly instructions.


A Candy Wreath  from Etsy is pre-made, but to DIY all you need to do is tie the candies onto a wreath with red ribbon, hang and enjoy.


Watch the simple how-to video for the Cranberry Garland, Candy Stand and Sweet Centerpiece from Real Simple.


The Food Channel’s Web Site provides a few colorful seasonal decorations, as well.


Our favorite idea to make with small children are these Edible Christmas Trees from EasyFunSchool.com. Read the article for instructions, plus a few more fun ideas here.

Happy decorating!


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