Linvilla introduces Fore! The Planet on December 26th

Ever thought about Miniature golfing in December? Linvilla Orchards is now making this a possibility, and it’s a “hole” lot of fun!  Beginning December 26th, Linvilla will open its doors to their newest attraction, Fore! The Planet, an interactive indoor 18-hole mini-golf course with an environmental message at each hole! Want to brush up on the butterfly life cycle or the extinction of dinosaurs? Or how about introducing the young ones to recycling and helping the planet? There’s a lot to discover, so come out and take a swing!

The course is perfect for the entire family. Kids are able to explore a tropical rainforest while experiencing the food chain!  With different themed holes, Fore! The Planet offers a wide variety of interesting facts, ranging from the way nature works to how to preserve the environment. Treat the kids to a game of mini-golf while sneaking in some education. Parents are encouraged to join in on the fun and test their own knowledge!

Linvilla Orchards is a family trip for all seasons. The indoor mini-golf offers an exciting and educational way to spend extra time with the whole family.  Because the course is conveniently located in the brand new Garden Center, it is open even in rain, sleet and snow! Fore! The Planet is an activity you can count on. To learn more, visit or call 610-876-7116.


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