Linvilla Orchards: Soap ABCs and Expertise

From animal fat, to olive oil, to ashes—it’s quite comical which materials are used to create the very products we use to clean our bodies.  Saturday, February 4, at 10:30 a.m., guests of Linvilla Orchards have the opportunity to transform and personalize these substances to a soap that is all their own.

Under the guidance of Liana Bauerle, herbal body care expert and gardener extraordinaire, 10 guests will use fresh ingredients to learn the craft of herbal soap making through the art of practice. Creating four to five distinctive bars for just $25, guests can share their creations with loved ones, whether as a gift for their Valentine or as a display of talent in their household. Classic, yet indulgent, design your mini-line of soap bars that you can call your own!

This is just one of 11 classes featured at Linvilla Orchards this season, please call (610) 876-7116 to reserve your seat.

Linvilla Orchards is located at 137 West Knowlton Road, Media, PA.


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