Eat this!

Breslow Partners- Out to LunchLunch is our favorite activity at Breslow Partners. After all, we think about food all day. It’s our job. We talk about it, write about it, photograph it, and share our culinary adventures with one another. When lunchtime arrives, we’re ready to indulge. And with so many great options around our Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, we’re happy to share information about our current favorites.

Pure Fare119 South 21st Street. This little health-conscious café  is owned by brother/sister Kunal and Kriti Sehgal. They serve great tasting breakfast, lunch and snacks, all carefully broken down in terms of caloric count as well as fat, protein, carb, sodium and fiber content. Stop by and try any of the salads or sandwiches. A particular favorite is Mexican grilled chicken salad. It’s made with romaine, grilled chicken, black beans, corn, red onion, jicama, avocado, and lots of love. And if you happen to be near the corner of 40th and Locust, check out the new Pure Fare Food Truck.

Mama’s Vegetarian. At first you might think Kosher vegetarian is not for you, but we guarantee one step into this tiny storefront at 118 S. 20th Street, and you’ll feel the energy. “MAMA’s sandwich,” as their falafel is called, is that perfect mix of crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, with a not-too-spicy flavor ($5 for the large or $3 for the small). All sandwiches are made with Mama’s own homemade pita – either white or whole wheat, fresh baked daily – and served with hummus and vegetables. The salad bar is complimentary, and includes all of the fried and pickled vegetables, as well as two varieties of homemade schug – a colorful fresh hot pepper sauce typically served with falafel, one mildly spicy and one super duper spicy. Mama’s Vegetarian’s simple, delicious food is flavorful, colorful, and filling.

Meme. 2201 Spruce St. You’ve heard of TGIF. For us, it’s TGITh, as in Thursday, because that’s the only day David Katz’s Fitler Square restaurant is open for lunch! There’s only thing on the menu, fried chicken. And the chicken is so good, it’s full of  lots of flavor and texture in every bite. Mmmmmmmmmmmeme!

D’Angelos Ristorante Italiano, 256 S. 20th Street. The signature salad is sooooooo good. Just plunge your fork into the crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce and tomatoes, topped with their special house dressing, chopped, egg, and shrimp, and topped with real bacon. Yum. It’s good any time of day. Especially for lunch!

Tampopo, 104 S. 21st Street.  We’re all in love with Asian food in any form, but the Bi-Bim-Bob is literally to-die-for. An egg yolk sits atop a bowl of sautéed veggies, chicken and rice (either white or brown). Just add a dollop of hot sauce and enjoy the celebration of flavors and textures exploding in your mouth.

Spread Bagelry, 262 S. 20th Street!  The bagels are hand rolled, boiled in honey and then baked in a custom built, wood fired brick bagel oven. All ingredients are seasonal, farm fresh and organic. While we really love topping a raisin bagel with smoked Nova and cream cheese, the house roasted herb turkey with cheddar, bacon, honey mustard mayo and apple slices is really delish.

Lunch date, anyone?


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