Luxury Makes Its Way To Philadelphia: Blo/Out Blow Dry Bar To Open

Affordable and accessible: Such is uncommonly characteristic of the blowout, an indulgent service offering women modern-day, bouncy, beautiful hair in as short of a time as it takes to get a manicure. There’s no cutting or coloring in these new blow-dry bars; simply washing, blow drying and fabulous styling.

A luxury growing in popularity, the blowout is no longer limited to extraordinary occasions. Women everywhere want to look like a Rodeo Drive regular, regardless of the style. Luckily, with the opening of Blo/Out® Blow Dry Bar in Huntingdon Valley on Sunday, March 4th, Philadelphia residents can join the trend for just $35.

Blo/Out Blow Dry barBlo/Out Blow Dry Bar’s Blolitas™ perfect about a half dozen chic styles, ranging from straight and full-bodied to beachy and artfully tousled, in an inviting atmosphere that will make customers feel at ease. The blowout bar also offers other professional services, including BloLicious™ Makeup applications and BloEm’ Event Services™, just to name a few.

Blo/Out Blow Dry Bar is located at 1051 County Line Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Two more salons will be opening in Philadelphia later this year. Please call (215) 375-7585 to make an appointment, or visit the Blo/Out® site. It’s not just a style; it’s a lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Luxury Makes Its Way To Philadelphia: Blo/Out Blow Dry Bar To Open

  1. robert cappello

    I’m glad I get to leave the first comment. I was informed yesterday that I will be a member of the Blo Out Blow Dry Bar’s styling team and I couldn’t be more excited! Can’t wait for Sunday!


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