The Great American Meatout: No Meat? No problem!

Most people identify Philadelphia as the city where people from all over flock to feast upon the renowned “Philly” cheese steak, but around March 20 the city of Philadelphia will be taken over with participants of the “meat out.”

A meat free day, The Great American Meatout, created by the Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM), is the largest grassroots diet education campaign. This nationwide event promotes individuals to become more conscious of wholesome fruit and vegetable alternatives instead of meat and dairy products.

What will Philadelphians do without their prized cheese steak? Locals can chose from a variety of healthy vegan prepared samples from tofu sandwiches to a mouth-watering chocolate cake, which are being handed out across the city from different volunteers and venues.

Attending certain meatout events will also put money in your pocket. According to a article, at an event set up by the Penn Vegan Society at Penn’s Houston Hall, volunteers will actually be paying viewers $1 to watch a short four-minute video. This event will be held Tuesday, March 20, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Find more meatout events in’s article above.

Also check out Animal ACTivists of Philly‘s Facebook page for pictures from Sunday’s meatout events.

Who needs meat when eating healthy can be this easy and delicious?


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