Where to Watch the Game

It isn’t often that 3 out of the 4 major sports teams in Philadelphia are all in action at once.  This week, the Sixers and Flyers are battling on in their respective postseasons, while the Phillies are fresh into their campaign for their 6th straight National League East title.

A true Philadelphian basks in this opportunity and absorbs every minute of game time.  So the question is: Where to watch the game? Skip the stale beer and overpriced, frozen fried foods at the sports bars and head into Old City to the bar at Bierstube Tsingtao.  Trade in that watered down Pilsner for one of the over 150 craft beers from the expansive, German centric beer list assembled by one of the pioneers of beer in the country, Mike Naessens.

Dive into a basket of the buttery pretzel bites (named one of the 5 Must-Try Cheap Bites by Zagat) or a fiery Dragon Burger. This is a time to savor as a Philadelphia sports fan, so make sure the your game-time decisions are equally as memorable.

Bierstube, located at 206 Market St, is open from 5 pm until 2 am, Tuesday through Sunday.

Good game, let’s go eat.


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