Philadelphia’s Choice Burgers

Philadelphia was just deemed #2 burger town in America by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Between our first class gastropubs and polished neighborhood bistros in our city full of neighborhoods, Philly is no strangers to beef-between-bun artistry. After a spirited and grease stained debate in the office, we’ve each nominated our favorite burger from around town. You decide who you agree with, or maybe you have your own burger affair going on you would like us to know about in the comments.  With cheese or without, topped by bacon or avocados, on toasted or grilled bread, behold the democracy of the quintessential American food in City of Brotherly Love.

Tina – London Burger –London Grill, 2301 Fairmount Ave.

“ A classic. Comes on a toasted English muffin with your choice of two toppings. Blue cheese and bacon being my usual order, but don’t hesitate to go for a fried egg, seared foie gras, or caviar to feel more luxurious.  Fairmount’s Finest”

Jennifer – Butcher Burger– Smith and Wollensky, 210 West Rittenhouse Sqaure.

“I don’t even miss the cheese on this behemoth burger fitting for a steakhouse.  The accompanying lettuce and tomato are standard, but the free addition of bacon is always an extraordinary compliment.  The huge side plate of fries helps make this a special lunch that will keep you full until dinner.   It’s size and substance on the Square at Smith and Wollensky.”

Megan – Build Your Own Burger– PYT, The Piazza, 1050 North Hancock St.

“PYT at the trendy Piazza in Northern Liberties is the place to go to satisfy your burger cravings without being intimated from high-end restaurant prices.  Don’t let the fair price steer you away! PYT has a variety of burger styles, but the one I chose was “build your own” option. This delectable burger will leave both hands occupied to handle everything squeezed between the buns!  For my classic cheeseburger, I added a fried egg, Canadian bacon, and avocado. Once you slice the burger the yolk drizzles seamlessly out covering your burger in a blanket of juicy goodness. The avocado adds for fresh creaminess to balance the heartiness of the burger. While the bacon is the star in most dishes, it is needed for this burger to be complete! For the ultimate burger on a college budget, PTY is the place to go! Don’t forget to dip your French- fries in the yolk, it will leave your mouth watering!”

Anthony – House Blend Aged Beef Burger– The Dandelion, 124 So 18 St

“ I was sent to try this burger by a chef friend who told me it was the most underrated in town.  He was right.  The house blended aged beef blend from Pat LaFrieda vaults this burger out of the sandwiches and into the ‘On the Farm’ section of the Dandy’s menu and for good reason: it is so much more than a sandwich. The English-style applewood smoked bacon, Vermont cheddar, Brooklyn Brine pickles and special sauce are perfect. No unnecessary bells and whistles here.”

Layal – Village Burger-Village Whiskey, 118 South 20 St.

Village Whiskey’s burger is the most mouthwatering, succulent, meaty goodness that I’ve ever had. For me, a good burger is measured by the overall cohesiveness of every ingredient: bun, toppings, and meat – every element needs to be high quality and compliment each other. Village Whiskey’s burger is fresh, tender, and definitely juicy. The best part is all the additions that that you can pile on top. I had carmelized onion, avocado, bacon, and truffled mushrooms. Although the mushrooms rang up to be an extra $5.50, it was seriously worth it. Go big or go home! And everything was pulled together deliciously on a soft brioche bun.

P.S. Village Whiskey’s pulled pork sandwich is another to DIE for item. Whiskey BBQ sauce, tangy coleslaw and fried pickles. No need to say anything else.

What is your favorite burger?


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