Dance Your Heart Away At Eastern State Penitentiary

Rather than a night dancing beneath the stars, what can be more invigorating than a night dancing amidst the ghosts of the Eastern State Penitentiary? This horrifying yet magnificent building was once the most legendary and expensive prison in America. It was also the  home of America’s most prominent criminals such as bank robbers Willie Sutton and Al Capone.

The deteriorating cell blocks and tall, dark guard towers make for a thrilling experience during Eastern State’s  Dance Party at the Pen: A Masquerade happening Saturday, June 16th. Guests are encouraged to wear masks, contributing to the mysterious feel of the abandoned prison. DJ Phsh will be there to provide guests with all the latest music along with a variety of beverage choices such as beer by Yards, wine by London Grill’s  Paris Wine Bar, and cocktails including Bluecoat Gin and Penn 1681 vodka. Delectable hors d’oeuvres are provided by Jack’s Firehouse.

Once the rusty, iron gates close behind you and all of the transformed party goers are inside, be prepared for a magical night of dancing and heart- pounding stories of the penitentiary and the inmates it once imprisoned. For more information, please visit


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