Dine in Style during University City Dining Days

So many restaurants to choose from and so much time! From July 12th to the 26th check out all the hot spots in University City and join in on the fun and hot deals. Depending on where you go, a three-course meal will cost you either $15, $25 or $30.

Nothing beats a $15 three-course meal, especially at some of University City’s most famous spots like the New Deck Tavern, where a good time is always guaranteed. If you have not yet tried Vietnam Café, then here’s your chance! During Dining Days in University City, a three-course meal at Vietnam Café is only 15 bucks! Make sure to stop there one day and order an appetizer, entrée and of course dessert! Vietnam Café promises a good meal! Another spot to try out is Grill Fish Café, where you can get a delicious meal for $25. If you are in the mood to splurge then head over to some of the $30 options like White Dog Café and Penne Restaurant and Wine Bar!Image

There’s never a bad time in University City so make your way over to one of the participating restaurants and take advantage of all the great deals going on at some of the city’s most delicious places to eat! Check out the website for the complete list of University City Dining Days Deals!


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