Apple Pick’en

The arrival of autumn means the arrival of apple picking season at Linvilla Orchards! Apple picking is a healthy, delicious, and fun activity for friends and families of all ages. However, before you begin your apple-picking adventure, it’s helpful to learn about the unique varieties of apples you will find in the Linvilla fields.

If you’re searching for an apple that’s big enough to split between you and a friend, go for a Mutsu apple. The sharp, honey flavored taste of this apple makes it ideal for cooking or making fresh apple juice. The Macoun apple, which originated in New York during the 1920s, has a sweet aroma and tender flesh that pairs well with cheese or as a topping on salads. The Jonagold apple has a distinct acidity that makes its flavor succulently tart yet lusciously sweet.

The Northern Spy apple, with its red and green exterior, is as unique on the outside as it is delicious on the inside. This apple is among the most popular varieties and is often the key ingredient to baking scrumptious apple pies. Although not as traditionally tasty or sweet as the northern spy apple, the Idared apple, which originates from Idaho, has an impressive storage live potential of six months.

If your mouth is watering and your interest is piqued, visit the Linvilla Orchards website to learn more about their apple picking tours. For a comprehensive guide of all the apple varieties, click here.


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