Spooky Treats at Night Kitchen Bakery!

Looking for a spine-chillingly good Halloween treat? Check out Night Kitchen Bakery’s spooky ghost cupcakes! These mocha chocolate cupcakes are draped in a “sheet” of white fondant and decorated with tiny bats for their signature! They are going for $4.50 a piece! The bakery is also making sugared shortbread cookies in the shapes of ghastly ghosts, plump pumpkins, and black bats!

For a bit-less scare, with the same hair-raising tastes try out the pumpkin pound cake decorated with tiny fondant pumpkins for $3.50 per treat! As always these delicious treats will be made with 100% butter, unbleached flour, and the best imported chocolates and jams! Indulge your trick-or-treaters with a delicious artisan treat from Night Kitchen Bakery!

Proprietor Amy Edelman and her staff of professional pastry artisans are creating delectable edibles daily at the bakery, located at 7725 Germantown Avenue. For more information, visit www.NightKitchenBakery.com. The treats will be available in the store, but for larger orders call two to three days in advance to order (215) 248-9235.


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