Celebrate Philly’s Finest!

8652859322_e1575f4d3eJoin in the celebration of all firefighters at Miles Table on Saturday, May 4, Firefighter Appreciation Day. On April 6, 2013, a 29-year Philadelphia firefighter Captain Michael Goodwin lost his life while fighting a fire in Queen Village. In honor of his heroic deeds, Miles Table is donating a portion of all proceeds to The Captain Goodwin Memorial Fund.

8681013364_8309ee9a15_zEnjoy breakfast all day with omelets, French toast, or parfait. Dive into other Miles Table’s menu items including a classic cheeseburger, a cobb salad or a flat bread pizza. Chef Mike is also preparing a special menu inspired by firefighters including Three Alarm Chili and a Sriracha Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich.

Miles Table is located at 1620 South St. Philadelphia, PA. For more information call 267.318.7337 or go to www.milestable.com


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