Night Market Street Food Festival Returns

Pic MeWe were thrilled when we heard that the Night Market was returning for yet another season. On May 16, head to the corner of 22nd St. and Fairmount Ave. to get a taste of the Fairmount neighborhood.

We will be sure to grab a bite from each of the 54 vendors, including some of the best ethnic and regional restaurants and food trucks. We will eagerly be running from returning restaurants like Alla Spina and Lemon Hill to festival newcomers. We’re most excited for The Tot Cart, which sells gourmet tater tots. Who knew?! But we’re also looking forward to hearing some great music and popping open a few cold beers!

If you can’t make it to the Fairmount event in May, look for the festivals in West Oak Lane on June 20th, South Street on August 15th and Chinatown in October. After all, who can turn down a chance to try all of the best foods in Philadelphia at once?


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