Serving the Hangover Cure for Philly’s Beer Week

PBWPhilly Beer Fest Week is in full swing. We’ve seen some suggestions on how to best prepare for the festival and how to survive all 10 days, but the biggest struggle is to get back up on the bar stool after the incidental beer-fest-hangovers.

Your first thought in the morning is “food” or “never again” – maybe both. But the best hangover cure is to get some good grub into that upset tummy of yours. So if you’re looking for a spot to grab some cheap eats, that’s convenient and serves a deliciously wholesome meal, then we have a few recommendations for you. These places all serve the perfect hangover cure.

If you’re in the Graduate Hospital Neighborhood, stop by Miles Table (1620 South Street) for some generous sized, yet inexpensive entrees that are sure to satisfy everyone. A variety a breakfast items, juicy burgers, warm flatbreads and large salads only compliment the casual, counter service eatery. With free wifi, you can sit for a while, let yourself digest and enjoy a cup of LaColombe’s robust coffee also served on ice to combat the suppressing heat. Miles Table opens at 8 am seven days a week. Visit

BeerOr if you’re on the Parkway by the Barnes Foundation, you’re in for a real hang over treat! The recently opened Lox, Stock & Barrel (2001 Hamilton Street) is the perfect place to munch on, well, nearly anything! As a diner, deli and bar, they have it all. From breakfast entrees to truly Jewish deli meats assembled into mouthwatering creations and all the comfort foods and dinner would offer, Lox, Stock & Barrel is definitely a place to nurse the energy back into your system!

And some people simply get a craving for nibbling on a variety of different bites. For a definite inexpensive and filling experience, Le Viet (1019 South 11th Street) offers several dishes perfect for sharing and sampling the many rich flavors of their modern interpretations of classical Vietnamese cuisine. A must is always the Le Viet Slider that comes with your choice of grilled beef, pork, chicken or shrimp nestled between a steamed bun with carrots, scallion, cucumber and hoisin sauce. Le Viet is open every day from 11 am to 10 pm. Check them out at

We believe the morning after can be just as fun as the night before… okay, not as much fun, but a filling meal is much deserved after a night out and will get you ready for the next round!  Be safe, be adventurous and try new things and we’ll see you at the next bar!


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