What Happens on Your Commute to Work?

railcars23-aThere are so many ways to commute to and from work. Either you walk, take public transportation drive or car pool.  For a couple of members of the Breslow team, the Septa Regional Rail Line takes the spotlight in the daily frenzy of coffee stained office shirts, crying infants, and those who bring their breakfast on the go.

Even in the quiet ride car, you can’t seem to escape music blasting through the passengers’ headphones, the unexpecting friends who bump into eachother and play catchup, and the individual who ignorantly takes a call. Can we all play the quiet game please?! Then there’s the ticket man, imune to the quiet rules shouting, “Next stop!” “Tickets, passes and fairs out!” But he never seems to shout, “This is the quiet car, NO TALKING!”

Then there’s you – the extra in the scene. Just by being on the train, you become a participant in this extravaganza. This choice of commute is much more than a “bury my head in my lap and wake me up when it’s over” kind of thing: it’s always an experience. As soon as you walk up those three, steep steps onto the Septa train and look around for an empty seat, the adventure begins.

Let us know what happens on your commute to work…


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