BYOB With Benefits

Have you ever been to a restaurant with fantastic food that rewards you for bringing your own booze? We don’t think so! Megu Sushi, located at 300 Young Avenue in Moorestown, NJ, is offering a complimentary appetizer for every party that “brings their own bottle” any Tuesday through Saturday evening.Sushi_2

You’ll be utterly satisfied with any appetizer you order whether it is the simple, yet delightful edamame or vegetable spring roll, a sophisticated spicy tuna tartar or even the unique spicy kani salad. Pair your delectable appetizer with your bottle of wine or another liquor, which Megu can create a tasty libation behind the bar that everyone will enjoy!

Whether you’re in the mood for classy martinis or Golden Margaritas, any bottle you bring can be transformed to make your night out a memorable one.  For more information on Megu Sushi, check out their website at

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