Sweet Summer Fruits at Linvilla’s Tomato and Pear Festival

tomatoesIt’s time to celebrate tomato and pear season at Linvilla’s annual Tomato and Pear Festival on Saturday, August 17. Bring your family and friends and fill your box to the brim of delicious tomatoes and pears. During the day, there will also be a tomato tasting, where you can sample all the different varieties and even your favorites! Linvilla’s Farmer, Norm Schultz, will be leading a discussion on growing tomatoes and will explain why Linvilla has grown and chosen the tomato varieties in the farm.


In Pennsylvania, over 800 acres of pears are harvested annually and at Linvilla, there are the sweetest and juiciest pears for you to gather! For the kids, there will be so many activities like face painting, pony rides, and taking your pictures with costumed characters, Strawberry Dog and Curious Monkey. Not to mention hayrides and enjoying live music from The Ultimates.

For more information about the festival, visit www.linvilla.com.


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