Stay in With Phillips Seafood this Valentine’s Day

Here at Breslow Partners, we love keeping our readers up to date with the latest and greatest local restaurants to try. While we could recommend a place to spend this Valentine’s Day with your significant other, the recent harsh winter weather has given us a good reason to stay in this year.


Seafood Shipping from Phillips Seafood is here to save you from the cold this Valentine’s Day. And what is Seafood Shipping, you ask? Only the fastest and easiest way to enjoy a fresh, homemade seafood dinner for two. Your Seafood Shipping package does all the work for you! The Clam Bake for Two is $155.00 and includes two 1 ½ pound lobsters, one pound of mussels, one pound of shrimp, one dozen clams, two ears of corn, baby red potatoes, and a can of Phillips Seafood Seasoning. Then just follow the simple, step by step instructions on how to prepare your seafood feast. They even send a pot to cook it in, claw crackers and the signature lobster bibs. Add a nice bottle of wine, Food & Wine recommends a light white wine goes best with shellfish, some candles and you have yourself a romantic and homemade meal to woo your sweetheart. 

Click HERE to order yours today!


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