Pet Dental Awareness Month

What are the pros of pet dental care? Regular dental cleaning prevents plaque on your pet’s teeth, giving your dog a shining smile and pleasant breath. Not to mention, good dental health is a key factor in preventing heart disease among pets and can drastically reduce vet bills in the long run. The experts at Pet Valu, a leading retailer of pet supplies, have a three simple tips to improve your pet’s dental hygiene:Image

1. Clean your pet’s teeth daily. Devoting just a few minutes of teeth cleaning can increase overall health. Check out the Tropiclean Oral Kit Pet Valu. The Oral Kit consists of a standard toothbrush, finger toothbrush, tooth paste, TropicClean Dental Foam and DentaTreat dental spray that will provide your pet with the full dental cleaning he or she needs. 

2. Use toys for healthy teeth. Pet Valu offers a variety of dental toys including: Yuppie Puppy Marrow Ring, Nylabone Dental Chew Pro Action, and Pet Stages Cat Dental Chews. This is a healthy and effective way to entertain your pet. 

3. Get your pet chewing! Studies show that frequent chewing reduces plaque build-up in an animal’s mouth. Over at Pet Valu, you can find plenty of dental treats useful for maintaing your pet’s oral health. 

Interested in more information on pet dental care? Every member of the Pet Valu family is certified in pet nutrition and would be happy to offer expert advice on how to properly care for your pet’s dental hygiene. Click here to find the Pet Valu closest to you!


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