Why Use 140 Characters When You Just Need One?

EmojiWhat is an emoji?  To some older generations it may sound like complete gibberish, but to younger crowds emojis are all the rage.  So what exactly is an emoji you ask?  If you searched for the definition online you’d find some formal definition along the lines of a small digital image used to express and idea or emotion.  In layman’s terms it’s just a small picture that can be added into a text message on a smartphone.  The different images vary from men and women of all nationalities to the ever so strange fishing pole.

As if there weren’t enough emojis for smartphone users, this July there is going to be an addition of 274 brand new emojis.  The swarm of new images includes a rolled up newspaper, a thermometer, an om symbol, and a spider just to name a few.  One of the more interesting additions for users with bad tempers is the middle finger emoji.  From now on instead of using your words to tell someone off, you can simply text them an emoji.

Millions of people across the world use these every day.  With this popular demand for emojis, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, have decided to take it one step further with their new innovative app, Emoj.li. This app will have users communicating with one another strictly with cartoonish icons.  As of now 10,000 people are on board and have signed up for the app.  It is expected to hit the iTunes store any day now.


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