Philadelphia’s Best Kept Secret is Back

diner_en_blanc_6The ever-so-secret Dîner en Blanc is back!  Thursday, August 21, hundreds of people decked out in white from head-to-toe will be roaming through Philadelphia to enjoy a very exclusive dinner with close friends.

Originating in Paris, France over 25 years ago, Dîner en Blanc started out with just a handful of friends. Now the secretive diner is held in over 50 cities around the entire world closing down major streets and widely-known sites such as Logan Circle and 30th Street Station.

Guests of the secretive dinner can register only by receiving an invite from a guest of previous years. Attendees are to bring a small table for two, white chairs, wine or champagne, and a picnic basket of food for the night to a private location that is sent out just hours before. All guests are asked to dress elegantly in white to preserve the luxurious feel of the dinner.

After the location is revealed, guests will travel together through the city to set up their tables and chairs. Once all guests are settled in, the dinner commences with the lifting of white napkins by all to signify the taking over of the public space. Once dinner is finished there is a magical moment of lighting sparklers to indicate the opening of the dance floor.

It is sure to be a magical night for all who are attending and even on-lookers throughout the city. For more information on the night in white check out the event’s website.


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