Philadelphia Welcomes Its Newest Hot Spot!

735397695461625858-lawn-01-v2.117.208.1336.557.fullAs the summer comes to a close, Dilworth Park is ready to cut the shiny ribbon. With the grand opening of the re-vamped park on Thursday, September 4th comes many new features for Philadelphians and tourists to enjoy.  A brand new fountain has been installed with three-foot-high spouts for kids of all ages to run through. In addition, a Plaza Café will open called Rosa Blanca. Located along the JFK Boulevard side of the park, the Cuban diner themed café will offer light meals and outside seating for people to take in the sights of Center City.

Philadelphia is widely known for its art, so of course it is only fitting that there will be an installment of public art. Pulse, designed by internationally recognized artist Janet Echelman, will emit different colored mists associated with each underground train as it passes underneath. Echelman uses a dry mist allowing pedestrians to walk through the mists without getting wet. The Great Lawn will surround the underground Septa entrances and will allow people to read a book, set up a picnic, or just take a break from a busy day.

As the winter months approach the updated park will be ready for the frigid weather with a brand new ice-skating rink. The rink will completely cover the fountain space and give people a chance to show off their skills, or lack thereof.

The park will be open seven days a week from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. For more information about the new developments at Dilworth Park, visit here.


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