It’s Time to Throw Out Those Razors Again!


With the newly brisk air comes the welcoming of the month of November.  Every year men look forward to November to have some fun and raise some money and awareness for cancer.  No-Shave November is quite simple; the goal of the month-long event is to embrace your hair, which many cancer patients lose, by throwing out your razor.

This widely known event originated in Fall of 2009 by two friends, Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl, as a way for everyone, no matter the age, gender, or amount of money they have, to donate money as means to fight cancer.  In 2013 the No-Shave movement teamed with the American Cancer Society to ensure the money was distributed to those in need.  Everyone out there has hair to grow, so why not take the extra few bucks you would normally spend on a hair cut or waxing and donate it to a great cause.

No-Shave November benefits all those out there who battle cancer every single day.  For more information on how to donate visit the official website here.  This is an easy way to give back and think about all the time you’ll save getting ready!


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