Pet Valu Donates Over 500,000 Pounds of Kitty Litter!

British Shorthair red tabby and tabby-tortoiseshell kittensDuring the month of October, Pet Valu asked their customers to help local shelters in need with their Kitty Litter Drive. Customers were able to purchase 40 lb bags of Kitty’s Best Litter at their local store to donate for only $6.99.

The result of the drive was an unforeseen 553,360 pounds of donated kitty litter! The litter will be delivered to local animal shelters as Pet Valu continues to help animals in need.

Animal shelters often have to find ways to care for their animals with minimal resources and overcrowded spaces. With the help of Pet Valu’s devoted customers and all of the litter that has been donated, kitties in shelters will have cleaner and healthier places to live while they wait to find their fur-ever homes. Go Pet Valu!


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