Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fu-Wah, Best Sandwich in Philly?



Unless you live under a rock or have absolutely zero access to technology, you know it’s award season. From the Oscar’s to the Grammy’s, votes are being casted for the best actress or actor, singer and songwriter, and other countless categories. Well, there’s another award coming up no celebrity can win: the Ultimate Philly Sandwich contest! And boy do we have a sandwich in the running that NEEDS your vote.


What is this award-nominated sandwich in one of the most delicious contests of all time, you ask? It’s the Fu-Wah Tofu Hoagie. Oh, and did we mention it’s currently in the number one seed for veggie hoagies? How could it not? This hoagie is a baguette packed with tofu, jalapenos, and pickled daikon and carrots. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s make sure everyone else thinks so too.


We know your next question must be, “How do I vote for this sandwich?” We’re here to help. To keep the Tofu Hoagie in the number one seed, click here then scroll down to the veggie sandwich section, select the Fu-Wah Tofu Hoagie and click submit. Once you’re finished, just sit back and wait for your hard work to pay off and Fu-Wah to win the Ultimate Philly sandwich.