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My Time at Breslow Partners: An Intern’s Exit Interview

After five months with Breslow Partners, Senior Intern Hannah Dickey says her goodbyes. Before departing, Hannah offers a reflection on her experience at Breslow Partners.

“Boy, time sure does fly by quickly. Just a short time ago I was stepping through the doors of Breslow in polyester professional pants and my roommate’s borrowed shirt to interview at a place I had heard about through a shared Facebook post. It’s been a transformative process, mostly because of the open-mindedness waiting for me on the other side of those doors. At the beginning, I was a journalism major with no field experience. I entered an industry I knew nothing about, but with nothing to lose, I had the willingness to learn as much as I could. The dynamic environment of Breslow harbored a place for growth where I could acquire genuine experience, and I got out of it what I put into it.

Far from an expert, I am barely touching the surface of the world of public relations, but I have learned a few key things. For one, this business is all about collaboration and relationships. It’s important to maintain the correct ones with productive communication, and bid adieu to unsustainable ones. I have also learned if you truly desire for something to occur, you have to push yourself and your peers for it to be accomplished.

My time as a Account Assistant at Breslow has come to an end. I am leaving behind a diverse group of skilled professionals, who are aware of the world around them and not afraid to question it. I have been fortunate to work with competent, energetic and passionate people, and that itself has been the catalyst of my own success.”

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.”

Wanna be an intern? We’re always looking for passionate, creative people. If you are interested in participating in the internship program at Breslow Partners, please submit a cover letter and resumé to Jennifer Mansfield: careers  AT  b r e s l o w p a r t n e r s . c o m


It’s Time to Throw Out Those Razors Again!


With the newly brisk air comes the welcoming of the month of November.  Every year men look forward to November to have some fun and raise some money and awareness for cancer.  No-Shave November is quite simple; the goal of the month-long event is to embrace your hair, which many cancer patients lose, by throwing out your razor.

This widely known event originated in Fall of 2009 by two friends, Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl, as a way for everyone, no matter the age, gender, or amount of money they have, to donate money as means to fight cancer.  In 2013 the No-Shave movement teamed with the American Cancer Society to ensure the money was distributed to those in need.  Everyone out there has hair to grow, so why not take the extra few bucks you would normally spend on a hair cut or waxing and donate it to a great cause.

No-Shave November benefits all those out there who battle cancer every single day.  For more information on how to donate visit the official website here.  This is an easy way to give back and think about all the time you’ll save getting ready!

Pet Valu 2015 Calendars are Out!

14886676995_aa3a8588a8_oThe judges have spoken and the 13 picture perfect pets have been chosen for Pet Valu’s annual calendar. Calendars are available in your local Pet Valu in mid-October for only $5, just in time to make the purrfect stocking stuffer during the holiday season. All proceeds go to support groups that help put an end to animal cruelty.  With the help of this fetching calendar, you can make sure to stay organized in 2015.

Join the fight against animal abuse and help animals find a home this holiday season. Pick up a calendar at your local Pet Valu and support worthy charities. Making a difference has never been this adorable!  For more information, please visit

The Perfect Soup for Fall

15401514185_71dc8fccb5_oFall is here, and  Hai Street Kitchen knows how to provide their customers with what they need! Try their new Pumpkin Miso soup. It will warm you up on the chilliest of days.

The delicious twist of the traditional Miso soup is blended with a punch of pumpkin flavor to be sure to get your taste buds jumping. It’s Fall-inspired Japanese Pumpkin (Kabocha) is mixed in with the White Miso and packed Hai with seasonal veggies. Stop in today and grab a bowl of Pumpkin Miso soup for only $2.99 and pair it with your favorite roll or bowl.  You won’t regret it. For more information visit


Bring Phillips Seafood to Your Kitchen Table!

14634911183_f0a4be26f4_oIt can be really difficult cooking with seafood, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. If you are having trouble figuring out what to make or how to prepare your seafood dish, you are in luck! In honor of Phillips Seafood’s 100th Anniversary, the Phillips family has unveiled a commemorative 100th Anniversary Cookbook showcasing original family recipes of Shirley Phillips along with dishes made by Phillips chefs and winning recipes from Phillips’ annual crab meat recipe contests. Bring the taste and tradition of Phillips Seafood into your own kitchen.

Featuring soups, salads, seafood appetizers, crab cakes, crab & seafood entrées, desserts and specialty cocktails, the cookbook includes Phillips’ favorite 100 recipes from the past 100 years. Grab a copy today to find Phillips’ famous Signature Crab Cake recipe, restaurant guest favorites such as Crab-Stuffed Flounder, Crab Imperial and Crab Mac & Cheese, and award-winning recipes such as Spicy Pumpkin Crab Soup.

Phillips’ 100th Anniversary Cookbook is available for purchase at Phillips Seafood Restaurants locations and online for $20 each. The proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to the Maryland Watermen’s Association.

Why Use 140 Characters When You Just Need One?

EmojiWhat is an emoji?  To some older generations it may sound like complete gibberish, but to younger crowds emojis are all the rage.  So what exactly is an emoji you ask?  If you searched for the definition online you’d find some formal definition along the lines of a small digital image used to express and idea or emotion.  In layman’s terms it’s just a small picture that can be added into a text message on a smartphone.  The different images vary from men and women of all nationalities to the ever so strange fishing pole.

As if there weren’t enough emojis for smartphone users, this July there is going to be an addition of 274 brand new emojis.  The swarm of new images includes a rolled up newspaper, a thermometer, an om symbol, and a spider just to name a few.  One of the more interesting additions for users with bad tempers is the middle finger emoji.  From now on instead of using your words to tell someone off, you can simply text them an emoji.

Millions of people across the world use these every day.  With this popular demand for emojis, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, have decided to take it one step further with their new innovative app, This app will have users communicating with one another strictly with cartoonish icons.  As of now 10,000 people are on board and have signed up for the app.  It is expected to hit the iTunes store any day now.